dog bowls

Ultra Modern Pet carries a unique selection of luxury dog bowls and cat feeders. These contemporary diners come in a variety of cool colors, sizes and styles. We carry luxury floor models, as well as elevated and wall-mounted feeders which are a much better option than floor models for larger dogs since they don't have to eat with their head crouched down, in turn giving your pet better posture.

We also carry unique smart bowls and automatic feeders. These cool, high-tech pet feeders personalize your dog's meals and feeding schedule based on his details and requirements. They also weigh food to assure the right serving sizes, they alert you of any changes in your dog or cat's eating and drinking habits making you aware of any pertinent health concerns, as well as automatically reorder food and more!

Not only will your dog or cat love their cool new pet bowl but you will as well, as their stylish designs will add a uniquely modern touch to your kitchen. Let them dine in style with a cool unique dog bowl or cat bowl.