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Many pet owners are familiar with this problem: Your pet is well trained and obedient but is sometimes overstrained with stressful situations and exhibits unwanted behavior (during car journeys, home alone, visiting the vet, unexpected noises like fireworks, etc.).

The RelaxoPet sound modi versions are specially coordinated and balanced with regards to dog, cat and bird hearing. A deep relaxation is the result and the owner has the option of additional music or the relaxation sound for your pet only.

A simple switch over from one modus to the other and RelaxoPet works silently, but effectively and is inaudible to humans. Stressful situations like thunder storms, fireworks are history and anxiety quickly turns to calm.

The average operating time of RelaxoPet more than 36 hours (with power bar) before recharging becomes neccessary.

  • RelaxoPet sound module with selector switch (audible / inaudible)

  • 15 different selectable volumes

  • Soothing sounds specifically designed for dogs, cats and birds

  • Silent, high-frequency E-subliminal fashion to soundless deep relaxation

  • RelaxoPet Travel System mounting kit for attachment to transport boxes

  • Quick User Guide

  • Connection cable / charger cable / Travelset (world power supply)

  • 110-240 V power supply

  • 12 V Car Adapter

  • Splash-proof outdoor case with many mounting options

  • CE Certified

  • FCC Certified

  • RoHS Certified

  • Welded blister (6 languages) with EU-perforation