Pura Pee Tray

Pura Pee Tray

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  • 52 x 39 cm

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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The Pura Pet Tray is the perfect training tray for your furry friend. It provides an excellent potty training solution. It is also perfect for those who work long hours so your dog won’t have to hold it in all day. It’s also great for those who live in cold climates or have harsh winters and don’t want to have to get bundled all up and take your pooch out in the harsh weather every time he needs to relieve himself.

The Pura Pee Tray pad is made from premium composite resin, durable and corrosion resistant. And the innovative handle on the mesh panel allows you to easily and sanitarily open the tray with your fingers to change the pads (pads not included). The Pura Pee Tray is designed for all dog sizes.

Pura Pee Tray can be combined with Pura Air for a discounted price. Pura Air can easily be positioned on the wall above Pee Tray to ensure the air stays fresh no matter how often Fido goes.