Go Cat Wheel

Go Cat Wheel

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  • 51” x 49” x 12”

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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Go Cat Wheel is an exercise wheel for cats; a cat treadmill. Constructed with aircraft like structure, the wheel is both light and strong. The base is purposely made heavy to provide a stable platform to allow high speed of the most active cats.

The wheel is partially assembled into modules and the base with rollers is fully assembled, no tools are required to put it together. Everything needed is included in the box.


  • 48” diameter and 12” track width. Wide enough for 2 cats side by side.

  • Light weight, low inertia wheel construction. Starts fast and stops quickly.

  • Aerospace structure like laminated cellular track construction, strong yet light.

  • Heavy wooden base provides a stable platform for galloping speed.

  • Sealed ball bearing rollers for smooth rotation and long running life.

  • Balanced wheel captive by rollers in the base, will not come off at galloping speed and when bumped.

  • Non-slip vinyl track and melamine MDF base allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing wipe.


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