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It’s always an awesome sight seeing a dog do certain rather unique things hitherto not known to dogs. A lot of people are certainly amazed when they see a dog dothings such as giving a handshake, a peck or something of that nature which ordinarily should be the exclusive preserve of humans. It should, however, be noted that in the world of dogs, there’s absolutely nothing impossible, and as such, whatever you think your dog can do, you can teach it to do.

Ideally, all dog owners are dog lovers and sometimes you may get the feeling that your dog does not understand some of the things it is being taught, especially the tricks. It may appear to be nearly impossible, but with the right approach and technique, you should be able to teach man’s best friend any trick. This article on dog product picker talks about the best dog training booksand other things you need to know.

Making a decision to tutor your dog on some new quirks is one venture that can turn out to be fun-filled both for the dog and the owner for as long as it lasts. In addition to the tips you are getting in this article, you may read some of the best training books for training your dog perfectlyHowever, here are a few tricks you may want to learn and teach your dog starting right now!

  • Handshake

There are quite a lot of fascinating gestures you can teach your dog. One of theseis the handshake trick. The fact is that this is perhaps one of the easiest tricks for your dogs to learn and this because, by instinct, your dog should already be extending its paws to you whenever it needs anything from you. Hence, if you intend teaching your dog how to give ahandshake, start by entreating it with something it likes using your fists clenched, it would be compelled to extend its paws to yoursif it really does need it. As you do this, however, have it at the back of your mind that you are to begin using the word "shake" repeatedly until it becomes part of your dog's vocabulary?

  • Act dead

If you seek to impress your friends and relatives, one trick you should think of teaching your dog is to “play dead”. This is not your regular trick such as a handshake or sitting down as it requires greater inputs in terms of time and energy to teach your dog. One other thing about this trick is that it is taught using the reverse method which means that you begin teaching the last part of the trick first with a view to helping the dog learn faster. This is one trick that would require that you be patient with your dog and you will also need to give it some treats from time to time when teaching it so as to make the process quicker.

  • Hug

There are a lot of reasons why dogs have long gotten the title of man’s best friend, some of these reasons are rather unique owing to the fact that they should ordinarily not be able to do them. One of such things is seeing a dog give a human a “dog hug”. It may not seem like much of a big deal to see you’re a human giving a dog a hug; however, it becomes unique when the dog extends its paws to the back of the owner as a form of a hug. Without a doubt, this is one trick any genuine dog lover would love to learn.

However, in your quest to teach your dog this trick, be mindful of the fact that your dog is not a human and as such may not really learn it as quickly as you would ordinarily want. As a pre-requisite to learning this trick, it is ideal your dog already knows basic tricks such as “sit" this, however, is not a core requirement.

  • Beckon

This is a good starter trick for your dog as it should not be too difficult to teach your dog per time. It is one sure way to get the attention of both your dog and spectators, especially at a dog show. You may want to give it variety so that it doesn't all seem stereotyped. It involves asking your dog to come on command. 

  • Go and sleep

This is certainly onegood way to end a show! Imagine being in the midst of friends showcasing the tricks your dog can do upon which you conclude the day with a “go to bed” command. Certainly, it should be an awesome sight to behold! What’s more? You can even go further by teaching it to pull off the bed covers and cover itself right back, however, this may take some extra time.

  • Wiper wave

Greetings from a dog can be a rather cute sight to behold and the reason for this is that no one really expects a dog to give anyone a wave of “paws”. One unique thing about this trick is that it is quite simple and teachable at the same time.

  • Bow

This ought not tobe too difficult owing to the fact that the majority of dogs actually do bow whenever they attempt to stretch hence it is an inbuilt skill. The challenge, however, is in making the dog do it exactly when you want it to. One easy way to teach them this trick is to catch them the moment they are at it and instruct them with a "bow" shout after which you give it some sort of reward. With time, your dog ought to be able to take a bow on its own upon being commanded. 

  • Take it and drop it

This is one trick you can teach your dog by leveraging on a toy or item it ordinarily has affection for. What you need to do is to make the dog follow after it while also struggling to gain possession of the item. Once the dog is about to grab it with the mouth, you should order it “take” so that it begins to draw a link with both the statement and action. While your dog is at this, try making an offer of a very similar object and ask it to “drop” the other one. You will need to do this repeatedly for mastery.

In summary, there are a couple of dog training books you can actually get with a view to upgrading the skill set of your dog such as how to housebreak your dog in 7 days, the art of raising a puppy, training your own service dog and a whole lot of others. At the end of the day, ensure you do not put too much pressure on your dog as the whole aim is to have fun.

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