Pet Businesses You Can Start Today

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Animals have come a long way from being considered beasts of burden. Globally, more than 50% of people live with at least one pet. Given this sheer number of pets, and how many people treat their pets as extensions of their families, the boom in pet-related industries is no surprise. 

In 2017 alone, Americans spent $69 billion on their pets. Any entrepreneur who has a love for animals can find an opportunity in this field. Here are 10 different pet-related businesses you can try your hand at.

Pet Sitting

As a pet sitter, you’ll go to your client’s homes to take care of their pets while they’re out. Pet sitting is one of the easier pet businesses to get into, especially since you can start among friends and neighbors who have pets. There is also little capital involved. 

What may be difficult is creating a name for yourself as a reliable pet sitter. However, once you have a good reputation, word of mouth can help you find new and repeat clients.

Online Pet Store

As more and more people commit to living with pets, the need for pet supplies has increased. Hand in hand with the rise of online shopping, one business to get into would be to open an e-commerce store for pet supplies, toys, food, etc.

If you’re especially enterprising, you can find a niche product that only your store offers, possibly a pet tech product, which are the fastest growing products in the pet industry these days. Maybe a revolutionary automatic pet feeder or a smart ball.

Luckily, many useful guides on how to start e-commerce websites and web stores are available online, making setup easy to begin.

Pet Photography

If you’ve got a knack for photography or are good at getting pets to pose perfectly, selling your services as a pet portrait taker or pet photographer might be for you. 

You’ll need a good camera and photo editing software, and of course your basic photography knowhow. Clients are always looking for a photographer who can help them create lasting memories of their beloved pets. You’ll have to set your own rates to be competitive with other photographers available in your area.

Doggie Day Care

While some owners would prefer their dogs to be looked after in their own homes, others like the idea of their dogs being able to socialize during the day while they’re away at work. This type of business is perfect for an entrepreneur who has a lot of space where barking isn’t a problem and doesn’t mind being surrounded by dogs all day. 

Rates for this type of business can range from $15 to $25 dollars per dog, depending on the services and quality of your facilities.

Pet Bakery

Pet bakeries are rising in popularity, as pet owners become more conscious of what they feed their pets. These baked treats also allow owners to celebrate their pets more frequently. 

You can take advantage of this demand for gourmet pet snacks by baking at home. Make sure you conduct thorough research regarding the ingredients and recipes that are considered safe for pets. 

Similar to pet sitting, it helps to offer what you make to friends and family first to see how feasible and how popular your products are. When you feel you have a solid set of baked goods, you can branch out to selling them at markets or even online.

Animal Cafe

If you love food and animals, maybe an animal cafe is for you. Many people who'd like to have a pet but could not (for plenty of reasons) often frequent animal cafes for the opportunity to hang out with these animals without the commitment. 

This business can be fun and fulfilling, especially if paired up with animal shelters to help adopt animals out. However, aside from caring from the pets under your watch, you’ll also need to be able to run a cafe, which can be quite daunting.

Emotional Support Animals

If you're looking for a business that's even more deeply fulfilling, owning an emotional support animal can be what you're looking for. Emotional Support Animals are there to help alleviate symptoms of a mental or emotional disability through companionship and affection. 

Your business will revolve around providing care and comfort to those are experiencing emotional or mental difficulties. While it can be emotionally taxing, it can also be extremely satisfying to help others.

Pet Blogging and Social Media Influencer

Animals with a unique attitude are immensely popular online. If you feel your pet has what it takes to be an internet star—with your skills of photography, writing, and social media savvy, of course—pet blogging might be a business worth exploring. 

You’ll need to find a unique voice for you and your pet and enough technological knowhow to put yourselves out there. You also need to have the business mindset to convert your pet’s popularity into revenue.

Pet Taxi Service

If you have a fairly large reliable vehicle and a flexible schedule, starting a taxi service for pets might be right up your alley. You'll also need different travel crates for the types of pet you intend to taxi. 

Aside from that, this type of business is not too heavy on capital. In addition, a pet taxi service will let you work on your own time, making it perfect for someone looking to earn money on the side. However, you’ll need to be good at managing your own time, and driving, of course!

Pet Hotels

Unlike pet day cares, pet hotels are meant for pets that have to be accommodated for more than a day. 

Given that these pets will be housed for more than a day, this type of business is much more expensive and intensive to start as more facilities are needed to provide for the animals under your care. However, this has a great potential for growth, which can start as a family endeavor that houses a few animals and then evolve into a larger operation that houses many more.

Fulfilling, Fun, and Profitable

Owning a pet-related business can be fun, fulfilling, and profitable. As each of the businesses listed here have pros and cons, do your research, see which best suits what you can offer your customers, and get started! 


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