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Welcome to the all new Modern Pet Blog, where you'll find everything you need to know about raising your pet in the modern world; with today's most current information on pet health, training, nutrition, care, photos, interesting facts and more. The one thing we get complimented on the most, which we take much pride in, is the uniqueness of our products. So we've decided to dedicate our first post to these...


Pet Bowls

We've come a long way from the tradtional tin dog bowl or cat bowl. Now there's an array of contemporary styles, designs, colors and functions available for your pet.


    • Elevated Pet Feeders

One of the newest trends are elevated dog bowls, also called raised feeders. The main reason these unique dog bowls were created was for health reasons. Due to their elevation off the floor, they relieve poor posture while eating, which is particularly important for elderly dogs, for large dogs and for those suffering from arthritis.

   • Wall Mounted Pet Feeders

Wall mounted pet feeders are second contemporary option which addresses similar issues. Yet instead of remaining planted on the floor, they're mounted on the wall, allowing you to raise the feeder to any height that your dog might need.

   • Automatic Pet Feeders

The automatic feeder is another new option which feeds your pet at a specific pre-set time. These are lifesavers for people who either have busy schedules and aren't always home to feed their pet or as well as for those forgetful owners who's minds aren't as sharp as they used to be and occasoanlly just forget to feed their little family member. 

   • Smart Feeders

Smart bowls and feeders are the newest innovation. They do a lot more than just feed your dog or cat. Some pretty cool options are weighing your pet's food to make sure he or she gets the appropriate amount, alert you of changes in their diet (which could indicate a possible health concern), using integrated pet cams through which you can view your pet, and even having built in speakers allowing you to talk to them. And a huge bonus is you can do this all directly from your smart phone or tablet.


Pet Beds

You're no longer stuck with an overstuffed pillowcase as the only option for your dog bed or cat bed. We carry a huge selection of unique and modern cat beds and modern dog beds which will actually compliment the stylish look of a contemporary room, not ruin it.


   • Hanging Cat beds

The Hanging Suite is a luxury pet bed which is suspended in the air by cables. It is mainly designed by cats but can be used by dogs as well if it is lowered so they'll better be able to jump onto it. It's custom-made in Italy with upholstered cushions in various contemporary designs, a laquered frame and metal feet.

   • Magnetic pet beds

Magnetic dog beds and cat beds are a great option for those pets who are suffering with various health issue. These therapeudic pet beds are equipped with magnets on the bottom which give off subtle magnetic energie to help ease pain as well as induce a calming affect to help your pet sleep better. They are perfect for those sufferiong from atrthritis, injurgies and for older pets.

   • Elevated Pet Beds

We also carry elevated cat beds which don't hang from the ceiling but stand on the floor. These are great for cats as most are enclosed giving them alone time where they can feel secure in their hiding space. But the biggest benefit of these are that cats love to be high off the ground. Wall shelves can offer the height but not the comfort. An elevated cat bed can give cats a comfortable place to rest while still having a great view from above.

   • Dog Bunk Beds

Dog bunk beds are a great option for those with more than one dog. They are typically two flat beds connected by a stairwell allowing dogs to get up to the top bunk.

   • Dog Sofas

Dog sofas are a unique alternative to dog beds. They're simply miniature verions of human sofas, great for dogs who loive to jump on the couch, as well as for humans who don't like their dog jumping on the couch. This way they have their own ouch to jump on!


Dog Houses

Dog houses are another piece of pet furniture which traditionally have been on the dull side. But they don't have to be that way, contemporary dog houses come in all kinds of cool and unique designs, shapes, colors, themes, materials and sizes. And Ultra Modern Pet has the largest selection of modern dog houses and modern dog crates online.


   • Dog Campers

A dog camper is a unique type of outdoor dog house designed into the shape of usually either a Shasta or Airstream camper. These especially cool if you own your own camper and a miniature version for your dog to keep along side it.

   • Indoor Dog Houses

Inddor dog houses are becoming an increasing popular trend in the pet industry. The traqditional concept of a doghouse is to keep your pup sheltered when it's outside. But many dogs don't have a backyard, especially those apartment and condo dogs. So their owners are looking to indoor versions now. And with all the new cool designs popping up, many are secretly buying them more to enhance the decor of their living room or bedroom than for a hideaway for their dog.

   • Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury dog houses are for those who have the money to spend, or for those who just love to spend money on their pet. They are the creme de la creme of luxury pet furniture. They are ususlly made of the finest materials by the finest craftmanship, to not only be durable for years to come but to look amazing during that whole time. Some of the luxury dog houses that we carry are even made in Italy, a country known for producing luxury items.

   • Global Themed Dog Houses

Not only are many of the dog houses we carry made in foreign countries, but many have the look of being from a foreign land as well. Seoul, for example, is inspired from the look of traditional Korean homes with an Asian looking cedar roof and Oriental hand carvings on the shutters. Tahiti, with it's straw roof and bamboo siding will make your dog. look like he's vacationing in Bora Bora. Then there's Zulu Hut, which not only looks like a tribal Afican hut, but ironically it is made and imported from South Africa.

   • Mid century Modern Dog Houses

The golden era of modernism during the early to mid-1900's brought a lot of famous designs onto the world stage, in both design and architure. There are dog houses now being created which are inspired by the architecture of this time. BowHouse is one example, being molded after the designs from the German Bauhaus movement nearly a century ago.


Cat Trees

Adopting a new cat is a great experience, unfortunately buying a new ca tree is not. The thought of bringing one of those hideous huge carpet covered posts with ropes dangling from it into the home sends shivers up many people's spines, especially those with nice looking modern living rooms. Modern cat trees, condos and towers remedy this decades long problem.


           •  Wall Mounted Cat Trees

Some of the newest types of cat furniture on the market now are wall mounted cat trees. Not only do these unique pieces give you more floor space, but they look absolutely awesome mounted up on your wall.

      •  Cat Staircases

The cat spiral staircase is another new piece of cat furniture gaining a lot of popularity. Some are small models with only a few steps while others like a cat spiral staircase can be several feet high. These can give your cat some great views from above while at the ssame time providing them great exercise running up and down the winding stairs.  

      •  Themed Cat Trees

Contemporary cat trees and condos can now be found in a variety of of unique themes. An example of one of these is Stiletto, a 4"+ tall cat tree in the shape of a woman's stiletto featuring a hideaway compartment in the platform and carpeted steps leading up the the top of the heal where cats have a resting place with a view, and the stiletto heal btw being wrapped in rope serving as a scratching post. Another is Lifeguard, being inspired after the lifeguard chairs found at a coastal beach. Then there's Lily molded in the shape of a flower, with the leaves serving as steps up to the petal bed; and Lollipop formed in the shape of a lollipop with a chrome post as the stick and an enclosed condo at the top being represented as the candy part.


Pet Exercise Equipment

Pets need to stay active and exercise in order to stay healthy just as we do. That's not always easy though in many households. Many people live in condos or apartments so there's no backyard for their dog to run around in. And not everyone lives by a park for them to play in. And not everyone wants to, or has the time to, take their dog out for at least a 20 minute walk every day. So they're couped up in a (sometimes small) home often laying around for most, if not all, of the day. And cats have it even worse, as they're very seldom let outside, and almost always laying around the home. This is was not the lifestyle meant for either of these animals. Before being domesticated they were always out running around and playong in wild. But now just like as with humans, we are seeing an increase in obesity with cats and dogs, and this is a major reason why. Luckily there's now dog exercise equipment and cat exercise equipment to help keep out pets active, entertained and healthy.


     •  Cat Wheels

A cat exercise wheel is great for those with obese cats who don't get much exercise. But as an added bonus they also provide hours of entertainment not only for cats but also for their owners watching them. Many people use laser pointers or play mice dangling from sticks as a tease and watch their cat go lightning speed on the wheel trying to catch the dot or mouse. And at the same time they get to watch their cat quickly shed pounds.

     •  Dog Treadmills

Dogs also have exercise equipment designed specifically for them, dog treadmills. A dog treadmill is the perfect solution for those apartment or city dwelling dogs who don't get near enough outdoor exercise. They come equipped with a running track, speed controls, etc. just like human treadmills, only their specifically designed for dogs. dogPacer arguably has the best quality treadmills on the market. And what's really cool is that they donate a large portion of the proceeds from the sales of their pink treadmills to animal charity!  


Pet Tech

Technology is progressing at a rapid pace and effecting nearly every aspect of society, and the pet industry is no exception. It seems like new hi-tech dog and cat gadgets are coming out every day. Here are a few that we offer:


     • Pet Cams

Pet cams and video phones are perfect for owners who spend a lot of time away from their pet. One of the first on the market was Petcube. This engenius technology allows you to interact with your dog or cat when you're out. It also you to watch your pet in HD, chat with them using 2-way audio, play with them using a built in laser, take photos and record them, all through your phone or tablet. Petchatz takes it a bit furthur with a built in video screen allowing your pet to actually see you. It is great for dogs who suffer from seperation anxiety. And a recent addition to Petchatz is Pawcall which enables your dog to call your cell phone with a doggie footpad!

     •  Dog Game Consoles

One of the newest smart dog toys on the market is a dog game console and learning device called Cleverpet. This cool device has several games built into it which the dog can play. They are memory and learning games. And when he wins the game he is rewarded with a treat. So it now only provides dogs with hours of fun but improves their memory and learning skills.

     •  Dog Spas

For all of you who love yearly, or monthly for some, trips to the spa. Imagine getting those personal spa treatments in the convenience of your own home. Wouldn't that be nice? Unfortunately that's not an option, but now it is for your pet, with the Home Dog Spa. This unique little washing station has a walk in door, an enclosed shower stall, an optional shelf for small dogs, and luxury shower wand. So now your pouch can get a personalized wash and scrub, and you get the convenience of getting a clean dog with no mess, clean up, or aching back from leaning over the bath tub.

     •  Doggie Doorbells

Have a puppy you're trying to potty train? Or a dog who hasn't yet figured out a way to let you know he needs out? The Doggie Doorbell is a clever solution to those problems. It's a dog styled doorbell which attaches to the wall so when they're ready to go outside they just push their nose against it alerting you. Or you can place it outside so they can alert you when they want to come back in. Or you can get a 2-pack to place both inside and outside. 

     •  LED Harnesses

These cool looking harnesses are made with LED fiber optics technology to light up when it's dark out to provide your dog with added safety during those evening or late night walks. They're rechargeable and come in 8 super bright colors you can change between and 6 flashing modes: Disco Dog, Rescue, Cool Comet, Rainbow, Independence Day and Photon Burst. 



Contemporary aquariums have evolved in a big way from the common glass rectangles. They not only come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs, but they can now accommodate aquatic dwellers other than fish other traditional aquarium inhabitants, including a lot of exotic species.


    •  Jellyfish tanks

Jellyfish are some of the most enchanting of all the ocean's dwellers. They have specific requirements needed to house them which traditional aquariums don't provide, such as constant moving water. Jellyfish aquariums of the past were extremely expensive and therefore only reserved for public spaces. But with technology on the rise, new innovations have been made allowing for affordable home jellyfish tanks. And some of these tanks are about as beautiful as the jellyfish they house.

    •  Rainforest Terrariums

With the arrival of Biopod, the world's first smart terrarium, exotic rainforest animals such as geckos, salamanders, tree frogs and dart frogs, can now be kept as pets in the comfort of their own tropical microhabitat. This innovative rainforest terrarium allows you to watch these beautiful and rare creatures thrive in their environment, grow a self-contained herb or veggie garden, or just enhance the room's decor with a beautiful exotic plant terrarium, all controlled right from your smart phone.

    •  Wall Fish Tanks

With its unique high-end design, the wall mounted fish tank allows you to maintain a thriving aquarium while at the same time greatly modernizing the look of your living room or bedroom. They come in a variety of designs and materials to match any decor.


So there's a broad look at the products we offer. And we're always on the look out for the newest, most unique pet products being introduced onto the scene. So we're ever growing, to always provide you and your pet the largest selection of cutting edge, 100% modern pet furniture and products anywhere online. Ultra Modern Pet is the future of pet furniture!