Innovations in Contemporary Aquariums

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Not only are fish easy to take care of, but another great benefit of these pets is their habitat can be beautiful and enhance the look of the room, especially when you own contemporary fish tanks. Keep in mind though before purchasing one that a contemporary fish tank does tend to cost a bit more than the traditional aquarium, but many people feel that their stylish look is well worth the extra cost. The following are a few of the more common types of contemporary aquarium.

Wall Mounted Aquariums

Wall mounted aquariums are becoming increasingly popular. Of the more obvious reasons is because they are very unique, being hung on a wall instead of sitting on the floor like traditional fish tanks. Another reason is because they don’t take up much space. These are perfect for apartment dwellers or those with smaller homes and limited floor space. And some of the more luxury wall mounted fish tanks have beautiful designer frames to choose from, being able to let your aquarium double as a work of art. 

Modern Fish Tanks

The modern fish tank often takes on a lot of the qualities of the mid century modernism, which is still very prevalent today even though its golden age was almost a century ago. Some of the more common traits of modernism being utilized in fish tanks today are heavy use of acrylic. You’ll find a lot of aquariums being made of acrylic these days, which used to only be available in glass. You’ll also often see the modern aquarium utilizing bold and bright colors, along with white, whereas brown, black used to be the norm. Fish tanks are also being produced in a wide variety of shapes, which are a far cry from the traditional rectangle. 

Exotic Aquariums


Fish have always been the pet housed in aquariums. But recently there have been other, more exotic, aquatic animals being kept as pets; one of these being the jellyfish. The jellyfish aquarium is steadily becoming more popular. This new style of aquarium differs from the tradition in that  there is a steady current produced in the water which cause the jellyfish to stay moving, just as in the ocean. This is needed because jellyfish aren’t capable of staying afloat themselves, without this artificial current they would sink to the bottom of the tank. 

Jellyfish aquariums are also equipped with LED lights. Reason being, jellyfish are transparent by nature and without the lights are difficult to see. In effect, these lights happen to give a contemporary look to the tank. Jellyfish tanks are usually made of acrylic and have a modern shape to them, both of these qualities help to give the jellyfish tank an overall contemporary look.

Seahorse tanks are an even newer type of aquarium being produced. Traditionally seahorses have been housed in standard rectangle fish tanks. But these are not suitable for them because being vertical swimmers, the height of the tank is more important to them than the width. 

So if you’re an aquarium hobbiest or just looking to get an easy to care for aquatic pet, you now have a lot of stylish contemporary aquarium options which will help to enhance the look of your living room rather than hinder it.