How to Train a Weiner Dog

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So, you've decided to make the jump and adopt a pet. Not only that, but you've decided to adopt a Dachshund, aka the weiner dog. These breeds make particularly good pets because they are low on maintenance, are a good size and are very independent.

These lengthy little dogs can be the best companion for you and it’s up to you to train them appropriately. Dogs have a wide range of emotions just as humans do. That said, training can be simple as long as you commit to learning and execution. It's very important that you follow very important steps when it comes to training your Dachshund.

Keep Your Dog on a Schedule

When it comes to food, walks, sleep and potty, keeping your dog on a schedule will significantly help to maintain consistency. Feed him around the same time every day so he knows when to expect food, rather than begging you for some at random times of the day. When taking him for walks, try to also keep it at the same time so he's always getting his daily exercise and it becomes a routine he can get used to.

Having him go to sleep at the same time as you can greatly reduce late nights with him pacing all over the house. And, going to the restroom at regularly scheduled times can help him identify when he's allowed to go and keep him from going in your home.

Use a Leash and Harness on Walks

Going on walks, as mentioned, are a great way for you and your dog to get daily exercise and Vitamin D. They are also great opportunities for you to train your dog in obedience. A dog harness significantly reduces worry that your pet will pull and hurt himself, especially when he gets excited. Plus, you’ll know that the harness will keep him from slipping out of the leash, preventing him from running loose and putting himself in danger.

Dachshunds have small legs but can quickly get away from you if he gets excited enough to do it. The best Dachshund harness is also ideal for training your dog to be obedient around other dogs and people in the neighborhood. Plus, they are adjustable and come in fun colors to match your dog’s personality. 

Use a Crate for Training

A crate can have a lot of benefits for training your Dachshund. Initially, it is ideal for showing your dog obedience techniques while still maintaining a sense of safety. Utilize the crate as a place for him to sleep or stay in when you’re not home. He will become much more accustomed to using it and won’t be as reluctant as long as you keep it consistent. Show him positive reinforcement when he does use it so that he equates it with being a good thing.

Provide him with verbal cues to help with this part of the training process. Of course, be sure you find a crate that allows your Dachshund to have plenty of room to sleep and move around in. Too tight of a space can be uncomfortable and work counter-productively for training. Fortunately most contemporary dog crates often allow for this extra space.

Like any dog, training your pup immediately is the most recommended way to ensure a healthy and happy relationship between the two of you. Dogs are creatures of habit so any opportunity that you give them to practice positive habits, the better it will be for their overall lifestyle.

Plus, with you as the owner, you can rest easier knowing that you have trained your dog well enough to be as independent and loyal as possible. Dachshunds are great breeds who are looking to be well-cared for and you can easily do this by following these simple tips for training them.