Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Cat

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Cats love sleeping, sometimes even for 16 hours a day, but sleeping is not the only important thing in their life. When the night comes, their primordial instincts kick in and they want to get active.

Same as your cat, you could be a night person too. And that means that you probably have trouble falling asleep before the midnight. Well, instead of lying awake in the bed doing nothing, why not do something productive? You could, for example, go get some exercise. It’s guaranteed to make you tired and ready for bed.

The best thing is that you have a workout partner ready to help you out. Night owls and night cats go great together. Don’t thinks so? Well, then you need to take a look at these 6 fun ideas to go for a workout with your cat!


Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they like to sleep all day, but get proactive at night. Actually, the ‘cat time’ is during twilight. However, if that’s not the ideal time for you to go for a workout (and let’s face it, it probably isn’t), your cat probably won’t mind tweaking its routine a little bit.  

Whenever you feel like going for a walk, the chances are that your cat will be up for it. She’s a real adventurer, which you might not notice if she’s with you in the apartment all the time. But, you can be sure that she’d love to go out and explore the world. Well, you can do it together.  All you need is a cat leash or a cat stroller and off you go!  


Sometimes, it’s not you who needs exercise the most, but your cat. To prevent your cat turning into a Garfield, you need to help her get some exercise. And exercising your cat is guaranteed to make you burn some calories. 

Of course, how much energy you’re gonna burn depends on the cat-exercising activity. For example, you canburn many calories byrunningyour cat to the food. Just setthe automatic cat feeder to go off and once it does, the winner is the one who gets quicker to the food. Obviously, to play this game, you will need a good cat feeder. But, how to find one such? You can look for some examples at  

You can also play hide and seek, throw catnip toys, have a wrestle with your cat. Actually, the sky is the limit, you just need to get creative. If you need any ideas on how to make playing with your cat even more interesting, YouTube is packed with cat videos!


Wheels aren’t just for hamsters – your cat get some exercise using the cat wheel. How it works? Well, the clue is in the name. The cat gets inside the wheel and spins it by running. This way, she gets exercise without leaving the apartment.

You may wonder what you get from all this? You get a running partner! Sure, you can’t get inside the cat wheel, but you can place your treadmill (or your fitness bike) next to it. This way, youtwo will get exercise together. Everyone who has experience with jogging knows that this activity is much easier when done in company.

You Jog, She Rides

Your cat is not born for long-distance running. She’s more of a Usain Bolt than a marathon runner. So, the chances are that she’s gonna give up on jogging long before you ready to stop. This is why a good solution could be to carry your cat with you while going for a run. You can either keep her in a pouch on your chest or your can put her in a pet stroller.

Pumping Cat Iron

An average cat weights about 10 pounds. Unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re probably not using much heavier dumbbells when doing biceps curls or lateral raises. Well, instead of using weights, you can use your cat! Though this one does require a pretty laid back cat.

The list of exercises you can do with your cat is extensive. Basically, she can help you work-out almost every muscle in your body. And the best thing is that you got nothing to worry about the safety of your cat. Unlike dogs, cats always land on their feet! 


Cat Yoga

Yoga has been around for centuries, but it’s been performed exclusively by humans up until only a few years ago. But then, some yoga enthusiasts figured out that this activity gets better when animals get involved. 

The thing is that most people love spending time with animals; it makes our bodies secrete endorphins. And this explains how goat yoga came into existence. The same goes for dog yoga a.k.a doga. And the latest trend is cat yoga, which is exactly what it sounds like – doing yoga with your cat.

Cat Wheels

Cat exercise wheels are great pieces of pet exercise equipment that provide excellent exercise for cats. And its the best option if your cat is more independent and don’t like a lot of physical human interaction. This doesn't mean that you can’t be involved though. Cat exercise wheels are not only great exercise for cats and highly entertaining, but you can use a laser pointer on the wheel to get in on the action yourself. Plus this will encourage your cat to run faster as well as enhance their fun trying to catch the dot.

These are just a few of creative and fun ideas to liven up a lazy cat or trim down an obese cat. So if your cat needs exercise for health reasons or you just want to find a new way to bond more with your pet, you might want to try one of these out, or even come up with ideas of your own!

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