Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

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A raised dog bowl is, simply, a dog bowl which is elevated off the ground. A strange concept but one which has been proven to have many benefits for your dog... particularly if your dog is of a considerable size.

If you have a tall dog and are wondering why you should consider a raised bowl here are five reasons why they may be worth considering:

Improves Posture

Using an elevated bowl helps to improve your dog's posture. While most dogs don’t have a problem eating with their head down older dogs which are suffering from joint problems can experience pain and have difficulty eating and drinking comfortably from a bowl on the ground. An elevated dog bowl in this case helps make your dogs mealtimes far more comfortable.

Stops Splashing

Some dogs love nothing more than splashing about in their water bowl, this is all fun and games until you walk past and slip in it! Using a raised, or elevated dog bowl makes it more or less impossible for your dog to splash about in their bowl, meaning you waste less water and avoid dangerous slip hazards. 

Helps With Digestion

It is believed that when a dog eats in a head down position they ingest a lot of air..particularly if they are a very fast eater. This can lead to them having a bloated stomach and stomach pains. Using a raised dog bowl prevents ingestion of so much air and helps promote healthy digestion.

Stops Bowl Sliding

How many times have you fed your dog on one side of the kitchen only to watch them nudge their bowl across the room as they eat their food. Some dogs will happily travel the length of an entire room while eating, bumping into all manner of things as they go!

An elevated pet bowl prevents this as the bowl is stationary on a stand - so it can’t move anywhere, thus helping to confine your pet and it’s food to the correct part of the room!

Makes Feeding Easier

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Feeding your dog becomes a whole lot easier when you don’t have to stoop to the floor, if you yourself struggle a bit with your mobility or just don’t like bending down to the floor then using a raised bowl will also make life easier for you too!


How Tall Should A Raised Bowl Be?

This depends on how tall your dog is, a rough guide is below:

  • Dogs between 12-25cm tall should be given a bowl that is raised between 7-12cm.

  • Dogs between 25-35cm tall should be given a bowl that is raised between 12-18cm.

  • Dogs between 36-46cm tall should be given a bowl that is raised between 18-25cm.

  • Dogs between 47-55cm tall should be given a bowl that is raised between 25-48cm.

  • Dogs above 56cm tall should be given a bowl that is 48cm+.

Hopefully this sheds some light on elevated dog bowls and their importance in your dog's life.