Benefits of Magnetic Pet Beds


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If we were to enhance our depleted natural magnetic field produced by the Earth by ten, twenty, or even forty times, we could expect an improvement in body function as well as in our reserves of vitality and immunity. We’d also be able gradually eliminate chronic ailments. The same is true with our pets.

For this reason, magnetic beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to the wide range of therapeutic effects they have on the body. The following are just a few of the many benefits our pets will reap from sleeping on a magnetic pet bed.

1. Pain

Most of us turn to pain pills for pain relief. Yet there is an alternative approach many still don’t know about, it’s magnetic therapy. For centuries magnetic therapy has been used to relieve pain. There are now magnetic bracelets, necklaces, shoes inserts, head bands, mattresses and even dog collars. All of these are used for the same purpose of relieving pain. 

Most of us agree that having a pet in constant pain is one of the worst things a pet owner can go through. Just check out any decent sized pet blog and you’ll likely find an article dealing with this subject. Luckily we have a natural remedy to alleviate issue with magnetic therapy. Whether you have a dog who has been injured, or an elderly cat with arthritis, both with benefit from sleeping on a pet bed which incorporates magnets. 

2. Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s immunologic response to injury. It’s characterized by the collective movement of white blood cells and antibodies which involves swelling and possible fluid accumulation. Inflammation is often the source of pain. Therefore, magnetic pet beds, often called therapeutic pet beds, help eliminate your pet’s inflammation, which in turn help eliminate their pain. 

By sleeping on a magnetic be every night, your pet’s inflammation will slowly reduce followed by the associated redness, stiffness, pain and swelling. Once the soreness has subsided, the circulation and blood flow will automatically become increased and fresh nutrients and oxygen will start repairing the tissue damage cause by the inflammation.

3. Increased energy

Sleeping regularly on a magnetic bed allows magnetic energy from magnets to energize all the tissues of your body through a process called "magnetic resonance”. This enables your body to operate at a higher level of efficiency. There just isn't a pill or treatment anywhere that can come close to providing such an overall benefit to assist the body in maintaining energy levels wellness and function in such a comfortable, natural way.

Negative Magnetic Energy

The pure Negative (-) magnetic field is natural to the body, both humans’ and animals’. This negative magnetic energy enhances molecular action by speeding up the electrons and protons of the structural atoms and  molecules in the body. It replicates the earth's natural magnetic field. The molecular structure of the body’s cells orientates to the type of magnetic field in which it has divided. By putting your pet’s body in an enhanced magnetic therapy field the same as the Earth's, which completely penetrates the whole body, you are adding to your dog or cat’s health and vitality.

Positive Magnetic Energy

Therapeutic pet beds are almost always made with the negative field facing upwards towards your pet, rarely are they made using the positive magnetic field. Being enveloped in positive field can be energizing when occasionally used for short periods. But you should not emerge your pets in them for long periods of time as it’s possible for positive magnetism to accelerate the cells too much causing negative health issues including disease.

For many pets, the benefits of magnetic pet beds can be immediate. For others it can take several months to feel the benefits. The average is about 1-2 months. For pet owners with aging, sluggish or pain ridden pets, a magnetic pet bed is a unique option they may want to consider.