Are Smart Litter Boxes Worth The Hype?

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As much joy as cats can bring you, cleaning up after them can be tedious. And nothing is worse than having to clean out their litter box. 

When it comes to litter boxes, the work never stops. The minute after you scoop out their litter box, your cat will leap back in and leave you a fresh present. It’s smelly, dirty, and time consuming work, and it’s the last thing you want to do after work. 

Enter smart litter boxes. With automatic cleaning features, filters, and waste bins, smart litter boxes are designed to make your life easier. 

With a smart litter box, you won’t have to scoop out waste or wash out a dirty bin. All you have to do is add more litter when needed, as well as empty the waste bin. 

Smart litter boxes tend to be a bit more expensive than their run of the mill counterparts. Although this might put off some buyers, you should consider the long term savings you’ll get on kitty litter. This can help offset most of the added cost you’ll have to pay for a smart litter box. 

Here are some of the main reasons you should consider a smart litter box for your home. 

Save Time

One of the main benefits of using a smart litter box is the amount of time you’ll be able to save. Since these litter boxes do almost all of the cleaning for you, that means no scooping or washing. 

You also won’t have to worry about the mess if you forget to clean out the litter box, since it’s cleaned automatically. All you have to do is take the waste bin and dump it out, which takes just seconds. 

Reduce Odors

Even the most diligent cat owner can’t completely prevent nasty odors from coming out of their cat’s litter box. Your cat will always beat you to the punch, making it difficult to keep your home smelling fresh.

With a smart litter box, you won’t have to work as hard to contain odors. Most have automatic cleaning functions that prevent litter from sitting out for long periods. This means that bacteria won’t have enough time to grow and cause odors. 

Many smart litter boxes also have filters that help remove odors from the litter, keeping it fresh for longer. They also often feature covered designs that minimize odors.

Worry Free

Every cat owner occasionally forgets to clean out the litter box, leading to a smelly, messy house. With a smart litter box, you won’t have to remember to clean out the litter box, keeping your cat happy and your home odor free.

Smart litter boxes have built in cleaning cycles and detectors. Some clean based on a timed cycle, filtering out the litter and keeping it fresh. Others use detectors, scooping out any waste as soon as your cat leaves the litter box. 

Most smart litter boxes allow you to customize the cleaning cycle. All you have to do is set it up and come back when the litter needs to be emptied out. This is also great for when your out of town, so you won’t come back to a house that smells like cat poop. 

Cleaning Is Easier

Cleaning out a litter box is nobody’s idea of a good time. It’s smelly, messy, and dirty work that no one looks forward to.

Although smart litter boxes don’t do all of the work for you, they certainly make cleaning a whole lot easier. The litter is filtered automatically, so you don’t have to scoop out any waste yourself. 

Instead, smart litter boxes use a waste bin, rotating the litter to clean it and keep the box fresh. Once the box is out of litter, an indicator light will go off, telling you it’s time to add more litter. 

To get rid of the old litter, all you have to do is pull out the waste bin and toss it. That means no dirty hands and no odors.  

Added Cost

The main downside of upgrading to a smart litter box is the cost. In general, you’ll have to pay a bit extra for the added convenience provided by a smart litter box. 

There’s quite a wide variation in price between different smart litter boxes. Basic options with limited automatic cleaning features won’t cost you much more than a regular litter box.

But if you want an advanced model with some of the best cleaning features, you’ll need to spend significantly more than you would on a standard litter box.

That said, you may save money down the line by using a smart litter box, as you won’t have to spend as much money on kitty litter. 

Why You Should Get A Smart Litter Box

Smart litter boxes aren’t perfect, and they will still require a bit of maintenance. They also cost a bit more up front, so it can be expensive to get multiple for your house. Make sure you check reviews before you buy, as you’ll want to invest wisely.

That said, they are more than worth the hype if you want a cleaner, fresher, and easier to maintain alternative to traditional litter boxes. 

With a smart litter box, your least favorite part of taking care of your cat will be easier than ever. You’ll save time, your house will smell better, and you won’t have to remember to clean out the litter box.

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