7 Advantages of Owning a Pet Cam

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For many dog owners, their pups are much more than simply pets, they think of them as a part of their family. But, because your four-legged family member can sometimes get in a mood for adventure, you can never be 100% sure that he’s safe and sound when left alone. 

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And the chances are that you’ll leave him alone at some point for whatever reason (going to work, school, gym, etc.). But, you can’t have peace of mind when away from home, knowing that he might do something that could get his life in danger, e.g. biting through some electrical wires, falling out of the window, etc. 

There are some ways to ensure your pup’s safety and wellbeing when you’re not home. For example, you can take him to a pet daycare center or hire a professional walker to take him to a park while you’re not around. But, these services cost. And they sometimes cost a lot. A more budget-conscious alternative is to get a pet cam. 

If you’re wondering why you should buy one of these cutting edge pet tech gadgets, here are several reasons for that!

  1. You’ll Know What He Does When Left Alone

Many pet cams these days come with the Wi-Fi feature, meaning that you can install an app on your smartphoneand watch a live video of what’s going in your homewhen you’renot around. This way you can check up on your pup whenever you feel like it.

2. You’ll be Able to Prevent a Tragedy

Some cameras come with an intercom, so that you can talk to your dog from far away. So, if you spot him doing something dangerous, you can yell at him using this feature. As a pet owner, you know that animal safety is the #1 priority.

3. You Can Check if He’s Feeling Lonely

You might think that he’s crying out his heart each time you leave him alone for a couple of hours. A pet camera will help you see whether that really is the case. And speaking from experience, it rarely is. The thing is that most dogs can keep themselves occupied. They always seem to find something interesting to do, even if thatsomething is snoozing off. 

But, in some cases, being left on their own can have a very bad impact on dogs. And you can see that with the help of a pet camera. This way, you will know that this problemneeds to be taken care ofASAP, either by getting him some toys, or bringing in another dog he could play with. 

4. You Can Inspect His Health

This may sound strange, but bear with us for a moment. Watching your pet’s behavior on the screen can give you a much better insight into his health than looking at him from in person. The reason is that his love for you is extreme, so when you’re in the room, he can’t control himself. He will forget about the pain or discomfort when in your company. 

But, when he’s left alone, he might start showing some signs that something is out of order. He might start scratching more than usual, rub his head on the floor, or do something else that might suggest that he’s experiencing some kind of discomfort. 

5. You Can Play with Him

Buying a pet cam with an intercom, or at least a loudspeaker, means that you can communicate with your dog. You can give him orders like stand up, etc. Or, you can just mess around with him by making sounds and watching him trying to figure out where they’re coming from.

6. You Can Relieve Work Stress

Hada stressful day at work? You can get an instant stress relief just by taking a look at a picture of your dog. If you wish to take it a step further, you can take a look at what he’s doing in real time. All you need is a pet cam.

7. You Can Use as a Regular Security Camera

Every dog is a guard dog, you know that. But, small dogs like Chihuahuas just can’t fight off a burglar. But, they can alarm their owners, even when their owners are not at home. 

The thing is that some pet cameras come with a microphone that turns the cam on and sends a notification to the owner if the dog is barking more than usual. So, if something strange is going on at your home, a pet camera will tell you.

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