5 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy 

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Dogs are happy and lively animals. However, don’t always assume your pup is happy. Make efforts to make your dog happier and more comfortable living with you. There are many ways we mend our broken relationships with our best pals.

1.    Spend quality time together

As a parent, how do you make your kids happy? Spend time and have fun with them, right? That is the same thing you should think of doing for your dog. Dogs are more emotional than you think. They get bored quickly and always want to have fun. So, even if it is just 10-15 minutes every day, playing with your dog will help strengthen the bond between the two of you, and make her happier. 

You can play with your dog with chew toys, or ropes, or even with treats. Allow your dog to chase your hand to try to get the treat or hide them for her to find. 

2.    Give your dog a bath

As long as you're using good shampoo you can bath your dog on a regular basis, contrary to what was previously thought. It will help your dog to always stay clean and fresh. And you will also feel more comfortable petting a dog that feels cleans. Bathing your dog also helps to prevent skin issues Plus your pooch will both look and small much better.

3.    Good nutrition is vital

Your number one goal as a pet owner should be to meet your pup’s nutritional needs. That is what exceptional dog owners do. Learn about the best dog food and nutrition to ensure the health of your pup. You can also introduce new supplements into her diet, make sure that you do plenty of research on them first though for safety reasons.

4.    Complement and reward

How do you feel when someone you know or a stranger tells you that you look good or did something correctly? You feel awesome, right? That is the same feeling dogs get when complimented or rewarded for a job well done. So, start doing this to your dog from this moment. Whenever your dog makes you smile, reward her immediately. Understand that pups thrive on compliments and positivity.

5.    Engage in regular exercise 

A healthy dog is a happy dog. And when your pup is happy, you will also be happy and have peace of mind. Performing regular exercises with your pup can ensure you, and your pup are in good health. You can go for small walks, hit the local hiking trail or play a game of fetch with your dog. Daily exercise not only benefits our dogs but us as well. In fact, daily walks with our dogs are probably the most tangible benefits of dog ownership

And if the weather is not favorable, you can engage in physical activities indoors. Or if you have the extra money you can invest in dog exercise equipment such as dog treadmills, which are perfect exercise outlets for those rainy days.


Don’t assume that your dog is happy. Make it a point to make her happy. The simplest things we overlook can make a significant impact on our dog’s happiness. And understand that it is your responsibility as a pet owner to always ensure your dog’s wellbeing and happiness. But, if you are short on ideas, get clues from the tips mentioned above. 


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