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  • 40 liters

  • 55.7 cm (h) x 35 cm (w)

Only available in Europe

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Precision Meets Swedish Charm

Each Norrom aquarium begins a fabrication process that creates an ultra strong, crystal clear acrylic.
It's then precision machined to one 10th of a mm., to create a perfect, process profile. 

Then each lid and base is then handcrafted with woodwork construction
giving it a charming wood finish unmatched by any other aquarium.


  • 40 litre freshwater Norrom Aquarium

  • Beautifully handcrafted olive wood lid and base

  • Black or white large natural stones

  • Hidden integrated dimmable lighting unit

  • Norrom filter sponge for mechanical filtration

  • Activated carbon pellets for chemical filtration

  • Ceramic rings for biological filtration

  • Air stone for optimised air-driven filter throughput

  • Air tubing with one-way check valve

  • Hidom® multi-speed energy saving air pump

  • Set-up manual and maintenance guide

Design Innovation

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Designed in Sweden

Norrom luxury aquarium combines the highest standards of Scandinavian design, the perfect fusion of form and function.

It uses modern technologies to create a beautiful and flawless product.

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