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  • Opened: 21”D x 16”H x 16.5”W

  • Collapsed: 21”D x 3.5”H x 16.5”W

  • Weight: 6 lbs.

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity

I Want This!

Kindtail revolutionized the traditional pet crate by creating PAWD. This contemporary dog crate is a comfortable, stylish and versatile nesting space that easily integrates into modern homes. PAWD is easily collapsible, safe and light-weight providing the coziest space for your pup.

The door is designed to stay open when not latched for a nice clean look. It has a built in handle for easy carrying. It’s pet-safe with no sharp edges or corners. You can choose one of three stylish frame colors and one of three stylish pad colors.

The PAWD pads are designed to fit perfectly when PAWD is folded. They’re made of zipper-free construction with luxuriously soft fabric and they are machine washable & dryer friendly.