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Our dogs are family. We want them to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible but our busy schedules can make caring for them complicated. Enter ProBowl smart dog bowl..

We all know that feeding our dogs the right amount is important to their health. Probowl makes it easy. Just enter your dog's details and tell it what brand of food he eats. Probowl personalizes his meals and feeding schedule based on vet recommended feeding standards as well as your dog's details. Probowl will glow green to remind you when to feed him and red to let you know when he's had enough.

ProBowl weighs the food as you fill it, letting you know when you’ve reached the right serving size. As your dog gets older, ProBowl automatically updates his meal recommendations so you don't have to worry about his changing metabolism or activity.

Whether you’re running late or out of town, you just want to know your dog is being taken care of. Now you'll know for sure. No more writing instructions and double-checking. Feeding instructions are integrated into ProBowl, so there won’t be any questions about how much to feed him. And Probowl also reminds your caretakers about the feeding schedule. ProBowl manages all of this and also alerts you and his dog sitter immediately if anything needs to be addressed. 


Hate that feeling when you realize that you’ve run out of dog food and need to figure out how to get to the store asap? With ProBowl your dog food can be automatically reordered and delivered right to your doorstep. This genius dog bowl knows exactly how much food you bought and how much he’s been fed. And it reorders with plenty of time so you won’t run out. One less thing to remember in your busy schedule!

Eating and drinking habits are often leading indicators of something wrong. ProBowl learns your dog’s eating and drinking habits, and alerts you of any changes.

Did your vet tell you your dog needs to lose weight? Or is it just obvious? ProBowl makes it easy to know how much to cut back on calories and guides your dog's gradual weight loss for you.

Use the app to connect Probowl right to your smart phone or tablet.