[shipping included]

  • Adjustable height

  • Solid walnut

  • 24” (w) x 10” (d) x 8.5”-12.5” (total h)

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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RETRA is the latest invention of Russian design group Pettel. The contemporary design features an adjustable height from 8.5" to 12.5". It comes with 2 bowls, each 6" in diameter, best suited for mid-sized dogs. RETRA is inspired by the distinctive features of mid-century design. It's has a beautiful combination of natural wood and dark base. RETRA is convenient in usage and cleaning.

Let’s have a closer look at RETRA -

1. The height of the table is adjustable (3 positions) – it can be fixed at the height of 6.5", 8" and 9". Keeping in mind that the table looks best in the highest position (9" off the floor), you can move the table higher as your puppy grows!

2. The diner is made of a removable acrylic panel that is easy to wash.

3. The translucent back panel made of acryl prevents food and water splashes from staining your walls. The panel can be easily removed and can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and touch of soap.

4. The table and the wooden panel in front act as borders, insuring that the walls and floor are as clean as can be.

5. All the wooden parts of RETRA are made of solid walnut wood.

6. The set comes with a stand, acrylic panels (black diner and translucent back), two 6" stainless steel bowls (3-cup capacity each).