Fresh Element

Fresh Element


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  • 45 x 22 x 50 cm

  • stainless steel, ABS, HIPS

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder by Petkit is like a nanny of your pets. This luxury feeder can double lock the freshness of dry pet food, makes sure the food never gets stuck and always feeds per your plan. You can set up the feeding plan and long-range remote control your smart feeder on your smartphone via the Petkit app. No more worrying about your busy day, Fresh Element smart feeder offers your pet fresh food and keeps them healthy

  • Portion Control: Choose between 1/5th of a cup to 4 cups per serving

  • Enhanced Storage Capacity: Store up to 6 lb. of food, always sealed and fresh!

  • Large Kibble Supported: Use kibble from 5 - 25 mm in size

  • Sensor + Tech: Weight sensor ensures accurate portions, and measures food levels remaining

  • Infared Sensor: Ensures the motor and wheel system operate at optimal efficiency

  • Safety Sensor: Ensures the food outlet door remains open when it senses an object - no stuck paws!

  • FreshLock Technology: A Silicone ring seal, and a moisture-proof desiccant box inside the feeder keeps the food fresh

  • Emergency Power Supply: Power outage? No worry, the Fresh Element is powered by 4 D cell alkaline batteries to ensure that your pet doesn’t miss a feeding!

This luxury smart feeder comes in two chic colors to choose from.. silver/white and silver/white/teal.