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  • spruce, beech, faux leather, cotton, velvet, silk

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity

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Petiture, which stands for pet + furniture, are luxury sofa beds for cats and dogs, hand-made in Vienna, Austria. The combination of nobel design and practical use makes the Petiture sofa bed an essential accessory for every animal lover who has a taste for modern luxury, notes Petiture designer and founder, Ursula Knappl.

All Petiture sofa beds are 100% handcrafted (approx. 8-10 production hours per piece) using long-lasting, and the highest quality materials. The sofa frame is made of spruce and beech hardwood, wrapped in urine-resistent and disinfectant-proof Uranus faux leather. And the cushion is made of cotton incased in smooth velvet with a silk ribbon edge. The sofa sits upon three feet.

Regarding customization, you want your pet’s sofa bed to be as colorful as the personality of your dog or as noble and elegant as your cat. So each unique piece is highly customizable with a variety of sizes, frame colors and cushion colors.

The Petiture sofa bed allows for easy cleaning. Simply remove the cushion and backrest to clean and remove dirt with a damp duster. To keep the faux leather looking its best in the long term, it is suggested to use pet-safe leather cleansing oils on occasion. And a hairdryer will easily resolve any indents in the leather which may appear over time. The cushion may be cleaned as well, dry cleaning is recommended to keep its shape.



luxury pet sofa beds

S – weight: 5 kg; measurements: 66x56x30 cm (recommended for cats and very small dogs, ie. Chihuahua, Yorkie)

M – weight: 7 kg; measurements: 90x56x30 cm (recommended for big cats and small to medium sized dogs, ie. Jack Russel)

L – weight: 10 kg; measurements: 110x68x35 cm (recommended for medium sized dogs, ie. Beagle, Spaniel, Schnauzer)

These are hand made items imported from Austria, please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery.
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