Hide n' Seek

Hide n' Seek


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  • 50 x 50 x 50 cm

30% of proceeds goes to charity

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Hide 'n Seek is a dual purpose piece of cat furniture made by German design house Julinka that offers not only a cosy hideaway for your cat it also doubles as a modern side table.

This unique cat house is the perfect combination of stylish modern design for you and thrilling games for your feline friend. Various sized holes dot the sides and provide a ton of fun for your cat. They make perfect spy holes as well as cool doorways to the house to jump through. Then after exciting playtime, kitty can snuggle up on the fluffy bed inside.

The cat bed is made entirely from super fluffy organic teddy bear fabric and comes in two versions... A winter side made of warm cosy cotton and a summer side made ofa cooling cotton canvas. 

The final touch is a small portion of organic lavender inside the plush bed, which provides pure well-being and relaxation.

This is a handmade item imported from Germany, please allow approx. 3 weeks for delivery.