Benji's Bunk Beds

Benji's Bunk Beds

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  • Small - 24 (w) x 19 (d) x 24 (h)

  • Medium - 28 (w) x 24 (d) x 24 (h)

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity

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Benji's bunk bed is a truly unique piece of pet furniture, for those not satisfied with ordinary dog beds. This ultra modern style bunk bed for dogs (or cats) offers a semi-enclosed ground level sleeping space with a staircase leading up to an open upper level bed. Perfect for those with two pets, who can each have their own bed; or, for one spoiled pet who likes a variety of sleeping options!

Both the upper and lower bed each have a 3" railing to prevent accidental roll outs of restless sleepers as well as to hold in their pillows or blankets. The frame is constructed of sturdy solid wood. It has white painted posts and your color choice for the beds and steps

This is a handmade item, please allow approx. 4 wks for delivery.