from 320.00

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  • 40” dia. x 12”w

  • spruce

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

Twinkle Star:
I Want This!

Luna by My Zoo embodies everything cat.. mysterious, elegant and pure. This unique wall mounted cat furniture will add a beautiful and unique touch to your living room or bedroom wall. Crescent in shape and equipped with a slotted platform for easy and safe mobility, 
Luna allows your cat to relax with a view from above, a literal cat in the moon.

Luna also comes equipped with a hanging wooden ball toy for entertainment which can be raised and lowered to various heights.

Luna is made of spruce wood and weighs 11 lbs., with a weight limit of 33 lbs.
And it’s surprisingly spacious with a 40” diameter, large enough for 2 cats to hang out on.

  • Comes with or w/out Twinkle Star shelf. •