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  • 47" (h) x 20" (d) x 20" (w)

  • 13" ladder

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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Catissa is a unique piece of modern cat furniture and a stunning work of art all at the same time. Made from solid wood, this condo was designed to be mounted either on the center of the wall or preferably in the corner, providing extra floor space and offering cats a high view and a safe haven where they can nap without being bothered by dogs or children. A virtual cat heaven!

There are 4 color options to choose from: the vibrant Colored Condo, the bold Black Condo, and the minimalist White and Natural Condos. Each is coated in a high-quality safe and organic oil wax finish with easy to clean surfaces. Catissa includes a 3-step ladder and each level of the 4-story condo has sheepskin bedding.

Custom-made and imported from Estonia, please approx. 3 weeks for delivery.