Pulse 80

Pulse 80


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  • 23 gallons

  • 26" x 23" x 10"

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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Jellyfish are among the strangest, most mesmerizing creatures in our oceans, and with the stunning Pulse 80 aquarium by CUBIC, it's now possible to keep them in your home or office. Previously, if you wanted a large tank to keep live jellyfish as pets, you had to pay a substantial sum of money, often over $10,000 for a custom made aquarium.

The ultra modern design of the Pulse 80 2nd Generation will greatly enhance any contemporary home. It's made with the highest quality components and 100% scratch-resistant cast acrylic. The pump is virtually silent. The filtration system keeps the water in purest quality and is easy to maintain.

The most common type of jellyfish kept in home aquariums is the moon jellyfish. This aquarium provides a very safe environment for them, unlike other jellyfish aquariums on the market which have rock substrate. Jellyfish are very delicate creatures and are often reported being injured by the rocks, sometimes fatally. As well, jellyfish usually have a shorter lifespan in small aquariums.

Included is a remote control LED light system. You can choose between thousands of colors and 20 automatic color modes. Modes range from flashing, switching and scrolling colors, with brightness and speed adjustments.

Maintenance is similar to saltwater aquariums. Jellyfish need to be fed 1-2 times daily with live or dry jellyfish food. And a 10% water change every week from a clean water source.