Pulse 160

Pulse 160


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  • 46 gallon

  • 50.5" x 11" x 23.5”

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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The striking Pulse 160 jellyfish aquarium can house a large variety of jellyfish species which look absolutely amazing under its LED lighting system. This aquarium is not only perfect for commercial locations but for home as well due to its simple to maintain filtration system.


Model – Pulse 160

Total Volume – 46 gallons

Construction – 100% cast acrylic, .4" thick frame

External connections –  Yes

Dimensions – 50.5"W 11"D x 23.5"H

Number of jellies –  up to 15 Large (6") jellies

Lighting – Built in changing LED with radio remote control (included)

Filtration – Built in mechanical and biological filtration

Power consumption – Approximately 50 watts

Suitable for most types of jellyfish

The Pulse 160's large size means it's suitable for most types of jellyfish. The jellyfish aquarium has been proven to successfully keep various species of jellyfish including some of the more exotic types such as sea nettles and lion manes. 

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