Orbit 20

Orbit 20


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  • 8 gallon

  • 6" x 8"

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity!

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The Orbit 20 is a stunning LED illuminated, 6 gallon jellyfish tank perfect for the home or office. It measures 15" x 8", specifically designed for housing smaller (moon) jellyfish.


As with all our products, this jellyfish aquarium is made using the highest quality components and acrylic available. The aquarium only utilizes one moving part, a small DC pump; this means the tank is almost silent when in operation. The tank components are cut to shape using extremely accurate CNC technology. Unlike most mass produced aquarium products, these aquariums are assembled and polished by hand in small batches to ensurea finished product of the highest quality. 


The flow in the tank is designed to keep your jellies away from the water outlets. And the filtration system will maintain the water quality at optimal levels for your jellies to thrive. The filtration is nicely hidden in the outer ring of the aquarium. The water first passes through a sponge particle filter where any uneaten food or detritus is removed. The water then passes over highly porous, ceramic bio media where bacteria break down any remaining unwanted chemicals in the water. 


This tank comes with an in built LED lighting system which is controlled by an IR remote control, allowing you to change the light color, set the tank to scroll, flash through various colors and change the brightness from anywhere in the room. 

Changeable front color covers sold separately.