the Loft

the Loft


[price includes delivery]

  • interior: 16" (d) x 16" (w) x 42" (h)

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity

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The Loft is a modern indoor dog house. It's unique design allows for an enclosed sleeping area as well as a rooftop perch. Merely place the Loft alongside a sofa allowing him easy access to the top of the dog house. 

Each dog house is custom made from pine and birch wood and be painted in the color shown or any other color you choose. If you would like a custom color simply contact us at time of purchase. The legs are brushed silver and adjustable to accommodate uneven floors.

The Loft is designed for small dogs, its inside dimensions measuring 16" x 16", and 3.5' in height from the floor to the roof.

The inside is hollow but can be customized on request to serve as extra storage for your dog's toys or food. The top is nailed closed but be designed to open as needed in order to access a storage area from the top. Cushions not included.

This is a custom-made item, please allow approx. 3 wks for delivery.