COZY Smart Pet House

COZY Smart Pet House


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The World’s 1st Smart Pet House!

The COZY Smart Pet House provides your dog or cat with comfortable temperature in which to sleep. Using modern smart technology, the temperature and humidity sensors monitor the smart dog house and maintain accurate and constant ambient temperature for your pet. Cozy’s auto-induction and temperature control can be easily controlled using your smart phone so your pet can enjoy comfortable sleep no matter if you’re home or away.

Its circular pod shape provides a sense of security and that pets, especially cats, enjoy. 

Fluid-engineered air ducts lower the noise while improving the smart pet house’s overall performance. 

The infrared sensors in the COZY Smart Cool + Warm Pet House tracks and records your dog or cat's resting patterns using the Petkit App, helping you to better understand your pet’s comfort level.

Using the Petkit App on your smart phone you’re able to not just control the temperature of the smart pet house but also view your pet's sleeping patterns at any time.

COZY Smart Pet House is designed for cats and small dogs. An inner mat is included.