Dog Room

Dog Room

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The Dog Room, designed by award winning Australian architect Michael Ong & Pen, was designed with minimalist living in mind. Challenging previously set design principles to create an object which achieves symbiosis between functionality and design, allowing your pet's room to integrate seamlessly into your own space. 

The Dog Room was designed for both indoor and outdoor use, constructed with a black aluminum frame and either OSB or plywood panels slotting together in order to achieve a form that strikes the perfect balance between traditional design and modern aesthetics.

The Dog Room is available in both large and small sizes,  with either an OSB (oriented strand board) or marine plywood frame and with your choice of a removable Koala Grey, Musk Pink or Olive Green memory foam mattress.


small - 18" (w) x 21" (h) x 21.5" (l)
large - 27.5" (w) x 32" (h) x 32.5" (l)

These are custom made dog houses, please allow approx. 3 weeks for delivery.