Hunde Hus

Hunde Hus

from 650.00

[price includes delivery]

  • 36" (w) x 24" (d) x 15.5" (h)

30% of proceeds goes to animal charity

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Hunde Hus is a unique piece of pet furniture which doubles as a bedside table. It's specially designed for small dogs and cats.

Inside the dog house, your pet can snuggle up in a quiet, dark and secure shelter. While the terrace offers a lookout spot which would be perfect to lay a cozy sheepskin for him or her to lounge on.

This indoor dog house is a custom-made item which can be made in a mirrored version (for the other side of the bed) upon request. It comes in orange and white, with the option to add custom colors for $35 extra.

This is a hand made item, please allow approx. 3 wks for delivery.