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  • 17”W x 26.75”L x 19”H

30% of proceeds goes to charity

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The contemporary indoor doghouse Hamm, produced by Ukrainian based Nice People Workshop, is a beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly pet house that will be sure to modernize any room in your home. Hamm sports a minimalistic design, straight lines and the absence of bored plush.

The construction of the house on three sides is formed by slits that serve as ventilation holes, as well as light windows, providing ventilation and just enough light to see your pet inside. In addition, the slots allow him or her to observe what is happening around on the outside - so they feel protected while being aware of the events around them. It’s even roomie enough to fit up to cats. Yes, cats love it as well.

Hamm is constructed of high quality, polished plywood, .4” thick. The outside is covered with a black or white matte pet-friendly paint on a water basis, the inside is paint-free. This stylish doghouse is also waterproof so it can be used indoors or outdoors under a covering.