Dog Retreat

Dog Retreat


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  • 44"d x 72"w

30% of proceeds goes to charity

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Dog Retreat is an ultra modern dog house designed and produced by LA based Alejandro and Sara Pijuan. It offers both indoor and outdoor comforts for your dog by means of a deck. The deck extends inside to create a cozy retreat for your dog to escape the elements and cuddle up on his custom made dog bed while also allowing him to bath in some sun rays on his personal semi covered deck. The internal part of Dog Retreat contains a window for Rover to be able to keep track of what going on both inside and outside of his retreat. The highly stylish roof includes an addition of a live roof system of which has carex grass planted in a 2' x 3' grid. This unique live roof gives both a temperature barrier for the retreat and also a lounging area for the dog. The roof is accessible through the back ledge for any dog to lounge and enjoy the view. It also is equipped with a modern styled built in dog diner. As can be seen in the photos, there is is a great attention to detail used in the construction of this dog house.

Dog Retreat is made to order with an average build time of 5-6 weeks. It measures approx. 44” (d) x 72” (w) but the size can be customized to accommodate your dog, please contact us if this is needed.

• Price includes curbside delivery and a price discount is offered if you live in the LA area.