Bong House

Bong House


[shipping included]

  • 25.5” (w) x 18” (d) x 23.5” (h)

30% of proceeds goes to charity

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The Bong House is a creation by Russian design group Pettel. This modern indoor dog house will house small to mid-size dogs (such as frenchie, jack-russel, spaniel etc.). The Bong House is minimalism, sharp lines and classic shape presented with a modern twist.

It's constructed of MDF and enamel. The edges of the Bong House are chamfered. This small detail plays a big part in the overall design, making the piece complete.

A soft pillow with a removable gray slip-cover is included.

This is a hand made item imported from Russia, please allow approx. 2-3 wks for delivery.