1118 Woof Ranch

1118 Woof Ranch


[shipping included]

  • 44”d x 72”w

30% of proceeds goes to charity

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1118 Woof Ranch is designed and produced by LA based Alejandro and Sara Pijuan. It sports a low pitched roof and eaves which allow for a shaded interior while providing passive ventilation for your dog to stay cool. The slanted roof is constructed of expressed beams and eaves with cedar shingles from end to end. A custom planter box is situated below the extended eaves allowing rain water to run off to keep the plants below hydrated. It has both indoor and outdoor comforts for your dog by means of a faux grass deck. The deck extends inside to create a cozy retreat for your dog to cuddle up on the cool artificial turf while also allowing it to soak in some rays on his personal deck. The internal part of the dog retreat contains a window for your pooch dog to watch what’s going on both inside and outside of his ranch.

1118 Woof Ranch is made to order with an average build time of 5-6 weeks. It measures 44” (d) x 72” (w) but the size can be customized to accommodate your dog, please contact us if this is needed.

• Price includes curbside delivery and a price discount is offered if you live in the LA area.